Why Workout?

Exercise improves bone, muscle and cardiovascular health. It increases energy levels, reduces stress and chronic disease, aids relaxation and sleep, controls weight and can improve cognitive function.

Did someone say cardio?

Cardio is vital for health. This is what keeps your heart and lungs strong. If your goal is weight loss cardio aids in burning fat and calories.

Truth about weights

Whether you are looking to increase muscle size, lose weight or gain definition weight training is beneficial. Incorporating weights increase lean muscle mass and increase your metabolic rate. Using the appropriate weights, reps and sets you can achieve the results you want! And of course, we can't forget the benefits it has on the bones!

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Personal Training

Personal trainers are trained to assess cardiorespiratory health and muscle imbalances in the body. Completing the personal trainer fitness assessments we can create tailored fitness regimes that ensure safety, include corrective flexibility, activating the appropriate muscles, maintaining the target heart rate zone all while focusing on your personal fitness goals.