Holistic Health and wellness

Diet Facts

Although most refer to diet in the sense of limiting food intake for a particular outcome, diet is also referred to as what our typical diet includes regularly. Food is energy and fuel and much needed to live and function normally. In order to lose weight it is 80% of what we eat. Making healthy food choices increases vitality, longevity and decreases the risk of chronic illnesses. We most certainly are what we eat!

Food and the Mind

What we choose to eat affects the function and structure of our brain. Think of the body like a science experiment and food as the chemical mixture. This is why diets high in refined sugars can worsen mood disorders such as depression. 

Food and the Body

We all know eating to much can make us gain weight, but how else does it affect the body? A poor diet can increase the risk of chronic illness such as diabetes and heart disease. Food can also be a healing natural medicine for the body too, did you know ginger is an anti-inflammatory that can reduce muscle soreness, nausea and cardiovascular health? Pretty neat. 

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Holistic Health Coach

Working with a Holistic Health Coach not only provides encouragement and support while transitioning your diet, it also supplies you with the knowledge and education into developing healthy eating habits. Coaching supplies you with helpful tools to stay on track and aids in finding the self-confidence and knowledge to continue the journey on your own.