Why Yoga?

Yoga is multi-faceted including practices for the body, the breath, the mind and the spirit. Yoga can increase flexibility, strength, relieve stress, improve respiratory function, balance metabolism, assist in weight reduction, improve cardio and circulatory health and improve energy and vitality.

I'm not flexible...

Perfect! You don't have to be! Yoga is for all ages and all body types. You can reap all the benefits, pretty sweet right? 

What's with the weird breathing?

Yoga connects the body with the breath increasing proprioception. Ujjayi breathing can sound like the ocean and helps bring mental clarity and focus. 

About Us


Meditation promotes emotional health, self-awareness, reduces age-related memory loss, assists in fighting addictions, reduces stress, anxiety, chronic pain and depression and improves attention span. There are different forms of meditation such as guided meditation, silent meditation, mantra meditation and sound bath meditation.